Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Unlike Brent, Steve O. and Bob, I'm not a swimmer. My priorities with the swim are simple: avoid freaking out and feeling like my lungs are going to burst in the first several hundred meters of the race and then maintain enough form and pace to avoid being DFL out of the water. My current plan involves swimming one increasingly longer monster set a week. Last night was my longest swim to date. I swam 2.5 miles, surpassing the 2.3 I swam two weeks ago. The 4000 meters went down something like this: the first 600 sucked as my arms were a little achy from the previous day's swim. It always takes me about this long for my arms to feel okay and my breathing to settle in. 600-1300 were okay. 1301-2600 sucked. Bad. Despite my best efforts, I felt sloppy and felt like I was reaching too much to breathe. From 2601 until the end, something magical happened as I suddenly felt smooth and was back to my early set pace. I just need to remember this when I think of quitting 1300 m at Arizona.


Aaron said...

You're the diesel. You can go all day.

KanyonKris said...

You ARE The Fish!

Mr. Flynn said...

Glad to see that my nickname for you is spreading just a bit. Diesel...yep.