Monday, October 20, 2008

Company Trucks

The company truck and trailer combination is an interesting thing. As I understand it, the application of signage to truck and/or trailer allows the owner to write off some portion of the cost of the truck and/or trailer as a business expense. It also provides some sort of advertising. The problem is that some of the drivers of these company trucks fail to realize that, despite the addage, any publicity is actually not necessarily good publicity. Case in point, Steve's Handyman Service and Repair of American Fork. I was riding north on 900E/4800W (County Coordinates). There is a very large shoulder on that particular road and I was riding four or five feet to the right of the white line. The genius driving the truck swerved well beyond the white line towards me, coming uncomfortably close. And unnecessarily close. I don't really care whether he did it intentionally (which I suspect) or through gross negligence because I'm not going to be giving him a call the next time I need a handyman. Nor am I going to provide anything similar to a recommendation for his services to anyone else. I do have to thank him for the big signs on his trailer. Otherwise, he would have been just another driver that buzzed me instead of someone whose services I can actively avoid. Thanks, Steve.

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Pat said...

Quality. Our thought processes and opinions are so similar that is scary.