Monday, October 27, 2008

Beautiful Weekend for a Ride

Friday night we had an early Halloween party with Lani and Patrick. The kids had a great time - the highlight was the kids getting their grooves on in an Abba video dance party.
Saturday was time to ride. Another brother was up this weekend to look at houses and for a long bike ride. It was surprisingly cold to start out - I dressed with a long sleeve jersey, tights, and booties. At first, I thought it'd be too much - until I started moving. The only times I was even really warm was when I was on steep climbs. For our ride, we headed from my house along the backroads of AF, PG and Orem to Racer's shop. From there we headed south around West Mountain into Payson. Then we headed back toward home via Provo and the Provo River trail so my brother could get out to look at houses. By the time we got back, it had warmed up considerably and I was overdressed. The ride to that point was 99 miles, so I changed my jersey, refilled the bottles, and headed back out.
As I rode from Cedar Hills toward Highland, I saw this.
I finished up the ride at 112 and ran for 10 minutes before we headed to the ward's chili cookoff. Our recipe won the vague title of "meatiest." That was a gimme as the recipe includes, various sauce components, bacon, beef sirloin chunks, and no beans.

I limited my chili consumption so I'd be able to eat with my brothers at the Sushi House, off the 5th East exit in American Fork. It was awesome. I'll definitely be going there again.


KanyonKris said...

My wife and I will have to try that sushi place, per your recommendation. We like the all-you-can-eat sushi at Sushi-Ya in Orem.

Patrick Lindsay said...

We had so much fun with you guys on Friday. ABBA was definitely the highlight. That and the wings.