Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Cindy

I read Elden's post today over at fatcyclist.com. I'd suggest reading it, but only if you have a door to your office or your in a place where other people won't freak out when they see you cry. It made me think about how much I appreciate my wife. Those of you who know us know that I married way up. My wife is the only one who could put up with my combination of pessimism and sarcasm. And don't forget her tolerance of my bike obsession. When I haven't been out to ride for a long time, she'll issue orders that I go for a ride and that I don't return until I'm happy. She also makes the best out of situations that would drive many to frustration if not outright resentment. One example that comes to mind happened last year over the holidays. I was burning the candle at both ends to catch up at work before year's end. It involved spending several days straight at the office. I'd work until dinner, take a break for an hour and return to the office to work until 2-3 in the morning. I'd sleep on the couch in my office, wake up at 7:00, and do it all again. The third night I was there was Friday night. I told her that I would be staying over again. She commented how she and the kids all missed me. Then she decided that they would head up to visit. They arrived around 9:00 p.m. with sleeping bags and videos in tow and spent the night on my floor as I continued to work. Instead of the home-office (where I get nothing done three days into a burner) she'd arranged for an office-home. Her enthusiasm had the kids excited for an adventure and they passed the time coloring and watching videos. That's just one example. She's always willing to help not just me, but anyone who needs it. She's watched dozens and dozens of kids for any number of people, has run errands for people, and has done it all with a cheerful disposition, turning what would otherwise be a tedious task into an adventure with the kids. She's a joy to be around and I'm grateful that she's my Cindy. Sorry if this has been a cheesy post, but Elden's post had me a little emotional.


Morkthefied said...

Meow, sniff, sniff.

Patrick Lindsay said...

Here here! Cindy is the best!