Monday, October 13, 2008

More Weather

It turns out that I'm more prone to the weather than I thought. This weekend I started off with all the cold weather gear I needed. And then, it snowed and hailed on me and I came back in. I hate riding the trainer and riding the trainer for four hours was aweful. My legs were still achy from my long run Wednesday and I couldn't get myself motivated to push. As a result, more weight rested on the saddle and I quickly fell like my butt was going to fall off. Either I need better weather the next two weekends or I need to HTFU (from the black wrist bands the CSC guys wore last year). Fall perfection seems to have skipped me by. Maybe this next Saturday I can talk some people into putting in some easy time in the hills with me.


Mr. Flynn said...


I just have to vent somewhere:

What the crap. Seriously, what the crap?

Was it the USA Today article yesterday? Are we sure Utah State didn't put on the Cougar jerseys?

hmmph. Dammit. Totally bummed.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

rise and shout