Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cheer for Your Team

I'm definitely a BYU fan. But not because I'm anti-U of U or anti-USU. In fact, the only time I really care whether the Utes or Aggies win or lose is when they play the Cougars. I've had any number of discussions with Fans and fans. Fans are people who follow their team all year, win or lose, through seasons good and bad. I've sat next to any number of Fans over the years and have always had a hand shake and good word for them at the end of the game. These people and I get along just fine because they're cheering for their team. fans are those who aren't so much cheering for their team as they are cheering against someone else. I've also sat by any number of these as well. Last year, at the Utah game I sat by some ute fans. As a precaution, I took ten minutes the day before the game to learn their fight song. Seriously - it only took ten minutes. It came in handy toward the end of the game when Utah scored to go ahead and a few of those fans began to revel in the Cougars impending loss (rather than in 'their' team's impending win). As the band fired up the song, I joined them with a rousing rendition of "Utah Man." The only problem was that I was singing the song alone while they clapped along mindlessly. 235 to go.

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