Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Doctor, An Archictect, and an Attorney Got Together

And saved my bacon. Kamika and Angela were indispensible as well, but title was already getting a little long. The luau sputtered on despite the hitches Cindy has described above. With Cindy at the hospital with Cindy, Jon and Mark, the very acme of reliability, showed up 20 minutes sooner than I'd asked. And went straight to work. Miss Cherie held a traumatized Nono while Mark, Jon, Delena and the entire Dastrup clan started trekking stuff up to the park and initiated setup. I arrived and began barking at these, my best friend. Fortunately, they humored me. Ben continued to parcook the chicken and sausages at the house while Kuhia and I fired the grills. Soon, in a flurry Kuhia, Kamika, and I began frenzied finishing of the chicken, sausages and sirloin. In short order we have the chafing dishes full and were ready to start, a mere 30 minutes or so late. I introduced the food to the 30-40 people then gathered and it was on. We continued the frenzid meat production. After a few minutes, I looked back to see a line growing for the food. Soon, the line extended 30-40 yards and was growing. The three of us would periodically monitor the food quantities and throw more of that selection on the grill as needed. Finally, nearly two hours later, things started to slow. I hope everyone had a good time and had as much of whatever they preferred as they would have liked. Next year, I'm locking the basement and starting setup two hours before the event.

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Sabrosa Cycles said...

The title sounds like the beginning of a very bad joke.
The luau was very well executed mister fisher. I am blown away by the amount of planning and preparation that goes into this event year after year. Absolutely delicious -as always. Thank you for your generosity.