Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It Finally Happened

I've heard the stories for years, but as yet had been unaffected. And then, last night at the Orem Rec center I was there when it actually happened. A kid shat in the pool while I was there. Apparently it wasn't a one and done kind of accident either, but one in which the offending party made his/her way all around the shallow end of the pool leaving gifts for everyone. Fortunately, I was on my way to the pool when it was discovered and not in the water. Unfortunately, it screwed up my best laid plans. In other news, fall perfection is upon us. Last week DR and I road Tibble Fork. The rigid fork on my Serotta made my already tentative descending even more tentative. Despite the perfect weather and trail conditions, I never felt a groove on the descent. Hopefully, this weekend will be better. I've spent a lot of time pedalling, but the combination of mountain biking, road climbing and indoor training has kept my mileage somewhat low. I've now got 300 left to go.


Aaron said...

Are you sure it wasn't just a bunch of Pay Day bars floating around?

Call me if you want to ride this Saturday afternoon/evening.

Aaron said...

I need to get my candy bars straight - I'm pretty sure they were Baby Ruth bars floating in the pool.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

I really appreciate the correct, past tense conjugation of "to shit."
"Okay. Everybody out of the pool." At this point in the conversation, brother ben would most certainly start talking about his favorite candy bar - the nut roll - or as he likes to call it - the nutty carl.

Chew on that for a while.

Pat said...

I quite enjoy the past participle "shat". It is one of those words that makes me smile every time.