Friday, May 29, 2009

Commuting Etiquette, Mass Transit Style

In the last year or so I've switched to mainly commuting by car to mainly commuting by mass transit. On occasion, which is less often than it should be, I ride my bike to the bus stop and take the bus in. On those trips, I usually don't bother with cycling shorts on the way in since the ride down is so short, but usually do put on cycling shorts for the ride home, which usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour. And I always wear the courtesy baggies for the bus ride back to the UC. Everybody should. There are a couple of semi-regular commuters who ride one of the same later buses I take - one of the buses I catch when I've been too lazy to get up early and ride to the bus. I call them Bent Pedro and Short Bus. Short Bus is apparently a PhD student in physics or the like and insists on wearing his helmet the entire time, but at least he's wearing baggies. I shouldn't say much more about the name, lest I risk being sent to hell. Bent Pedro on the other hand is a multiple offender. He rides a recumbent. I'm just saying - a recumbent. And spandex. Sans the courtesy baggies. It's disturbing. Picture a bus full of guys in shirts and ties, women in suit pants, and Bent Pedro make his way along down the aisle with his pinnochio pants on. And then he finds that lucky person to share the ride with and sits down right next to them. For 45 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe there is a time and a place to go with spandex - and straight spandex to boot. You don't want to show up to a group road ride and be that guy - you know who I'm talking about, the fellow on the hybrid with the baggy shorts and 20 oz. of root beer in his cage. There is a definitely a time and a place where the spandex is appropriate. But it's not on the bus.


Pat said...

Bent Pedro - Awesome. Does he have a mustache/beard, what about the mirror on his glasses/helmet? Short bus - wise choice on leaving it at that.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

"I'm just saying." I love how this always makes things better, bless her heart.

Very funny. Agreed, the courtesy baggies are a must for the commute. Cash and prizes were never meant for display on a UTA.

Bent Pedro - safety first.