Thursday, July 17, 2008

The People's Committee for Pets

A friend of mine, we'll call him JG, has been deliberating about adding a new member to his family - a dog. After thoughtfully talking through the issues with his wife and kids, they decided they could commit to getting a family dog. I suggested he check with the operation formerly known as the Utah Humane Society. They're having a half-price sale on older, heavy, black dogs. Apparently not their best sellers. However, JG isn't one who can pass up a bargain. He's also a bus commuter. So, we packed it up a little early and I drove him down to the People's Committee for Pets. JG found a calm, friendly looking black lab mix named Atticus. After taking forty minutes to run and play with Atticus and see how he played with other dogs, JG figured Atticus would be a good fit. He filled out the paperwork and submitted it to the interrogation committee. The interrogation committee consisted entirely of a lovely young lady who had a healthy BMI between 10-12 and who's skin had a nice methamphetamine-spotted glow. She asked several preliminary questions about the application after settling on the issue of accomodations. You see, JG had make the mistake of proposing accomodations that included several kids to play with, a large yard with a radio fence, a full-time house maker to watch after him while the kids were out, and a dog bed in a garage. What was he thinking? He was given a flat denial in one of the smuggest tones I've ever heard. She explained that if the dog didn't have his own accomodations inside the house and was only outside to poop or to play, they simply would not allow him to go to that home. Seriously. In disbelief, we walked out. You see, the People's Committee has decided that unless a dog receives accomodations that are as good or better than most people have, they are perfectly willing to let the dog hang out in a small cage that reeks of shit until they euthanize him. Heaven forbid a dog sleep in a garage after spending a day playing with the kids or playing outside. What was he thinking?


Anonymous said...

Mags and I were denied two kittens for exactly the same reason--we admitted that we would allow them to live outside. We dejectedly drove home, where we saw, on the telephone pole directly in front of our house, a handwritten poster advertising free kittens. Mags walked to the listed address and in 15 minutes she was back with a fluffy, black kitty that was happy to play outdoors.

Mr. Flynn said...

At least they didn't accuse you of thinking about picking up a dog provide the family a few meals. That happened to someone I knew who was of asian decent.

When we got our cats we had to sign a similar agreement to the one you mentioned about keeping them inside. Originally we did so, partially because in Cedar Hills where we lived there was some wildlife and we were afriad that they would be food. Out here, Clyde spends much of the night outside terrorizing the fieldmice and the occasional rat. Right now there are rat intestines strung out along the walkway to the front door. The head is near the doormat. I should clean it up, but...meh. Maybe it will keep people away. Animals really don't mind being outside, amazingly enough. Plus, he is doing the neighborhood a service. It would be cruel to keep him indoors.