Sunday, October 11, 2009

All Stars

Today was open-mic day. And the All-Stars showed up to put on a show. We can usually count on one or two of them, but today they all showed up. In a surprise appearance, The Advice Column showed up, along with the always dependable Sewing Circle Storyteller, the Tattling Teen, The Ambling Adolescent, and that crazy old lady who says words without saying anything. The five of them dominated the time in impressive fashion - a true classic.


Mr. Flynn said...

Ahh, the joys of the classic Utah Fast Sunday. You can't beat the original. Other areas can try and replicate it, but not with the success of a good ol' fashioned Utah ward.

Fish said...

FYI, the absolute craziest stuff I ever heard in any ward any where (including South America) were in Oregon. I'm just saying.

Mr. Flynn said...

Yeah, but that's can't replicate the Utah-type meeting elsewhere. Sure, I have had neo-nazi-bigamists share their "testimony" in church while on my mission for the few months I was in West Virgina. Oregon can bee weird too. We had members walk out of sacrament over disparaging remarks about the homosexual yeah, Oregon can be weird. Never had either of those things in Utah. No, I just meant that Utah is, well, Utah...and sometimes stereotypes are true.