Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Favorite Jonboy Quotes

If you read this blog, there's a decent chance you know Jon. And if you know Jon, you know he's a lot of fun to be around. He and I seem to be on the same wave length and I really laugh at his sense of humor, which can be biting at times. One of my favorite stories Jon tells is of a trip he made to Costco. Jon may have some corrections in the comments, but here's how I remember it. Costco, despite all its progressiveness, did not provide bike racks. I don't know if they still do, Chad will have to weigh in on that. But at the time, they didn't. So, when Jon stopped by on his bike to pick up some things in bulk, he had to lock his bike somewhere. He locked his bike to a shopping cart in the parking lot and started to make his way in. He'd scarcely made it a few feet when the shopping cart attendant threw his bike in the shopping cart and started to take it into the building. As he hauled Jon's bike off, he began muttering about how stupid cyclists were, etc. Jon, not one to take that lying down, responded. I forget everything he said, but the gem was the question, "Cart pushing, what is that - a four year program?" I still chuckle when I think about that. Jon told me that story just before we started a ride along the ridge up AF Canyon. As we were descending toward the PineHollow/Timpanooke intersection, I heard Jon behind me. His story came to mind, and I started chuckling. It was enough to break my concentration, which made me blow a turn and I ended up out in the weeds. Another time was after we'd finished up RAWROD a couple of years ago. We were waiting to be seated at one of the pizza joints in Moab. Delena was wearing a tuc. A portly, ruddy-faced fellow wearing pajamas walked by and commented, "Nice hat!" to Delena. Without pause and at the same time both Jon and I answered back, "Nice pajamas." He looked back at us, stunned that we'd comment on his choice to wear red flannel pajamas to dinner. The nerve.


Sabrosa Cycles said...

C'mon - like you haven't had the urge to do some bulk shopping by bicycle...

I had locked my bianchi to the very, very, very end cart of an entire line of carts. I bet that 600 people would have needed to take a cart into the cost company before my bike would have been a problem. Sure enough - the cart pusher was pissed - and he threw my pony, still locked up, into the cart that it was locked to. I am still not sure how my bike being in the cart was any better than being out of the cart. He must have had issues with prepositions.
The confrontation was brief - and I didn't get nasty until he got stuffy. Turns out, cart pushing is a four year degree. Don't I feel like an ass.

Let it be known, that on my next visit to the cost company, I tracked down said cart pusher and apologized. My conscience sometimes gets the best of me.

Fish said...

I didn't apologize to the pajama man. In fact, I may have called him a jackass as he walked off.

At least that guy didn't look like he ate yak s#*t for breakfast. You know, because it's organic.

Chad said...

The Costco in my neck of the woods does have bike racks, but they're nowhere near the entrance. Instead they're near the back where the employees like to hang out and smoke cigarettes.