Monday, November 10, 2008

The Short, Rapid Fade

Saturday I did the Telos Turkey Tri. This the second I'd ever done and a race I plan on doing every year. I felt great. I was able to surge several times on the run and bike without having to slow way down to recover afterwards and I bested my previous best time on the course by over five minutes. While I was happy with my time, I know it's not going to last. Unfortunately, I know how this story plays out. Right now I tell myself that I'm going to maintain my base fitness after the race. The reality is that after the race, I'll absolutely no motivation to train. Holiday parties a plenty will pack the weight right back on and by the end of December, I'll be exactly where I was last year at the same time. It's frustrating that in three weeks I'll lose the fitness that took me six months to build.

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Mr. Flynn said...

Hey! I was going to write about getting fat today...

I am not sure what the answer is to keeping the weight off. I mean there are lots of things that sound good, but in practice--it sucks. It seems like my body and mind just revolt for a while every year. I think the revolt is coming. If I can just keep my gluttony bounded a bit I will be good for when I have the motivation again.