Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IMZ Redux

I finished. The swim went well in terms of time, but the washing machine did a number on my back. I was three minutes off my pool pace, which I was happy with considering the congestion and the fact that I swam past the buoy because of the morning glare. A head wind compounded the back issues, and I stopped three or four times to stretch my back and my aching feet. In fact, the wind switched direction as I neared the end of the out portion of the second lap, the wind turned. The run was a death march. I ran/hobbled, walked between half and 2/3 of the run - it's all kind of a blur. I know I walked the last 1/3 with someone I met on course - Alfredo from Miami. We initially started running together, then he gave up on running and I didn't have the mental energy left to achieve escape velocity, so we walked until just before the finish when one of his friends caught up. I'm not happy with my time. In fact, I'm pretty disappointed with my mental showing on the run. I could have and should have walked many of the portions of the run that I walked, but I was mentally hammered and so I didn't have it to push. A more complete version will follow. I need to sort out how I feel about the whole thing.


Sabrosa Cycles said...

Are you kidding? I didn't see a DNF after your name in the results - Just making it to the finish line is way more than most folks will ever accomplish in their lifetimes.
Nice work Mister Fisher. I wouldn't have made it out of TempeTown Lake.

Ellen James said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I think you are so amazing just for finishing! Wow! I am sitting on my big, fat behind right now, tired from just thinking about doing something like that! Way to go Kulani!

Aaron said...

Impressive. I knew the diesel could pull it off.