Monday, April 28, 2008

RAWROD Reminiscence

These will widely be inside-jokes, so that's why I'm posting them separately. Raman at Acorn - I need to go back there to buy those wings so his daughter can go to college and Dan and Jon need to support me on this. Quick release devices are awesome. Horse Thief campground is not actually anywhere near Horse Thief Canyon and the road past Horse Thief Campground actually is the road to nowhere. Vice grips and a spatula make cooking dutch oven potatoes on a camp fire a lot easier than a burning rag and a cutting board. Sleeping on a cot under the stars is way better than sleeping in the car. Again. Great harvest bread with plenty of peanut butter and strawberry jam is almost divine for lunch during an epic. I can't believe how steep Murphy's and Hardscrabble are from this side. I thought they were bad from the other direction, but it's silly how steep they are from this side. Or else I was just cooked by the time I got to them, one of the two. I've got to remember the Spam Musubi next time. Brad, I promise the asado will make up for it. I get unreasonably grumpy when I'm dehydrated. The good news is that I know for a fact that I can come back from it. The Crank Brothers Acids were definitely my best bike equipment purchase ever for epic rides. I'm considering the Acids with carbon for future rides. Brad Keyes is in fact Zeus the Greek god transported to our day. He has chosen to manifest his divinity in the form of unbelievable riding abilities. Zeus's All Day is the real deal. It stayed tasty all day. I was right - the conversation in the car with Jon, Delena and Dan were the best part of the ride. Fatty always claims that his super power is to put down unreal amounts of food after an epic ride. I don't doubt that, but I also am sure that Nails should also be in the Justice League for his ability to eat pizza post ride. It was amazing.


Mr. Flynn said...

"I get unreasonably grumpy when I'm dehydrated."

and when they iniate the strategic slow-down of rib distibution at Tony Roma's when it is All-you-can baby backs.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

Quick release devices are indeed amazing. Sometimes it is just nice to have things pop right back into place. Raman was obviously little help. He didn't even have any chester fried chicken ready. Dan - your secret is safe here.
Nails and his mass consumption of wood fired pizza nearly made me nauseous.

Why in the hell are the letters that I am supposed to type in so damn difficult to read?!? Is this some sort of competency test?

Anonymous said...

Fish-Way to rock the White Rim. That was a lot of fun. I can't wait for the Asado. I make some mean chimichuri.