Sunday, April 26, 2009


It was an epic day yesterday, even more so than this route normally is. I really hadn't planned on going since Dan was out and I didn't have anyone to ride with. I really had no interest in suffering in the desert alone for an entire day. The riding commitments made that swayed me in to going turned out to be campaign promises. So after getting an early start, I was left for dead on the first climb and spent a lot of time riding alone in the wind. At mile 30, I ran out of water and bonked. After riding alone and dehydrated in a demoralizing 10-15 mph headwind (gusting to 20) for nearly 20 miles, I'd had a gutfull of it and come to grips with packing it in. TM found me limping along and shepherded me back - gathering water, dragging me to the White Crack stop, and making sure I had enough food and water in me at lunch. I was thinking in terms of getting healthy for the truck ride in. TM was more thinking of pedalling. After lunch, we rode together for 10 more miles and I was back to about 80 percent. My legs never did come all the way back from the dehydration. We then had the pleasure of a cold, pounding rain storm. At least it came with a tail wind - for all of about five miles. I joined up with Scotty Pants as the sun came out. With the wind at our faces again. Mile after mile we slogged along in the wind and ground out a finish. I've never been so deep so early and am actually more than a little surprised that I finished. P.S. A little research has turned up different wind speeds. 10-15? That was in the morning, with gusts in the 30's. When the wind picked up in the afternoon, the sustained winds were closer to 30 mph with gusts in the 40's. For several hours.


Pat said...

I'm glad I didn't go. I'm in no where near as good of shape as you. I would have bonked way before you.

KanyonKris said...

You're more bold than me. I was a slug all winter but got in 5-6 rides and felt my legs come back before RAWROD, so I had some assurance I could hack it.

It was good to ride with you (and your band of brothers) for a while in the death wind section between Murphy Hogback and Hardscrabble. Although I feel like a dork for marching off the front when I could have easily and happily stayed to help pull (for some inexplicable reason I was feeling good then). But I didn't recognize the situation or the opportunity to pay forward until miles down the road. I can be really dense some times.

Congrats on gutting it out - impressive!

Sabrosa Cycles said...

Quite possibly the finest come back I have ever witnessed. My hat is off brother.

KP said...

That ride took everything I had. I had no idea you ran out of water, I don't drink that much and always have some to spare, just say the word. I appreciate the conversation for the first few miles and once again, sorry for making you laugh on the first steep section!

Grizzly Adam said...

Don't call it a comeback!

Good job finishing. I also wanted to get in the truck at mile 50. But some food and some company fixed that - sort of.

I'd rather have heat or cold than wind. I hate the wind. Unless its behind me. Which it wasn't.

Unknown said...

uh, way way too long since i've talked to you my man. from the looks of it, sounds like you are doing great. i couldn't be happier for you. glad to hear you are still riding (an insane amount i might add). i'm out in philly training to be an anesthesiologist and trying to ride as much as possible. good good times.