Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome, Keono!

We welcomed Keono to the family on Saturday morning, March 15 at about 10:00 in the morning. She's a beatiful Sabrosa with many wonderful features. The important statics include that she's a 29er, single speed mountain bike with a custom lugged steel frame, fork, and stem. She hit the ground running and had her first ride yesterday in St. George on the Green Valley Loop with many kindred spirits.

From the rear.

And the front.

What are you going to call it?

Custom stem and spacer.

No detail overlooked - check the sweet headbadge. This one was taken inside.

Kerry provided the grips. A very nice touch.

I had built myself some really, really high expectations for this bike. Expectations I could never actually expect to be reached. This bike blew them away. Not only does it look great, but it rides like a dream. The geometry is similar to my Indy, but tweake just a little to perfection. No detail was overlooked. I know I don't deserve a friend like Jon, but I consider myself privileged that he counts me as one. There's no way of thanking for someone for something like this. Without a doubt, this bike is as cool as the rest of my bikes combined. Cool enough that I'm confident in concluding that my bike is the coolest ever.


Mr. Flynn said...

Hmmm, I am hungry right now. For some reason I feel like some grilled halibut with a mango salsa....weird.

Very nice dude, nicely done. Understated. To anyone normal joe it would look like just an average old skool sort of bike. But, even from here to my educated eyes it is amazing. Too bad you had to powdercoat and cover up all the work done on it.

Mr. Flynn said...

I have searched but come up empty. What does the name mean?

Aaron said...

That was a great maiden voyage last weekend - for both bikes.

Speaking of that other bike... Her: "Where did that bike come from? I don't recognize it."
Us: Look away. Don't make eye contact. Act like everything is normal. Change the subject.

Good times.

Mr. Flynn said...

I have been looking at your bike probably at least once a day since you posted this.

You know what would look cool on it--some old style canti's. Yeah, that would do it for me. Nothing wrong with the avids though.

I finally got a new bb for the Curtlo single. The old one seized up and wouldn't spin. It is time for a ride.

Fish said...

I initially thought about cantis to keep the bike entire older school. Then I decided that this would be a bike that I'd actually ride and so canti's didn't make a lot of sense. Even Mr. Sabrosa himself is on these new-fangled linear pull brakes. I thought a lot about each part, from the skewers to the grips.

Fish said...

As to color, the bike's somewhat of a chameleon. In regular light, it's a pumpkin color. In bright sunlight, it's the color you see primarily in the posts. Did I mention it rides like a dream?

Mr. Flynn said...

I agree canti's only make sense if you both have them set up perfect and you have forearms of steel for those long descents.

Yes, you mentioned that it rides well...jerk. Actually, I am glad that you finally have a bike that is worth a darn. Afterall, all of your other bikes pretty crappy.

It is a good thing you are so generous and swell guy, otherwise I would have to hate you and your stellar collection. Not that mine is so horrible.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

she's a beaut, clark. just for the record, i still have all of the fingers that i had before the sweet piece of japanese steel arrived at my home. slicing tomatos has never been so precise. thanks man.