Friday, June 05, 2009


Last night Cindy and I had an opportunity to go to the rehearsal dinner for Rooster Dumplings and Nooble Bar (DNB) in Provo. The way I understand it (from Google), Sriracha = Rooster = One of the Owner's Favorite Hot Sauce. If you liked Dew, you'll like Rooster, although there isn't too much overlap. The Chinese Dumplings, Pho', and Lava Cake carry over. New offerings we tried included four additional varieties of dumplings, a new noodle dish, a new rice dish, and new Sesame and Bean Paste Doughnuts. I very much appreciate the fact that each of the new dishes was different than anything I'd tried before. My personal favorites were the bulgogi dumplings and the new pork rice dish. It was definitely a culinary adventure and one I'll be repeating soon. It's exciting for me to see people in the UC willing to cook good food that is original. The P712 guys have been tearing it up for a while and I am excited to see others having success as well.


Aaron said...

Would you rank one over the other?

Let me know if you want to head to one of the three mentioned places this eve. We were going camping, but the weather is scaring us off. We're fair-weather campers.

Patrick Lindsay said...

Your "best dining friends" (as Cindy tagged us on FB) have never heard of this place. Ahhem.

ps following you on the race- gooo Fish!