Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Security Blanket

One thing that we Fisher boys all like is redundancy. I'm not sure we all generally operate under the standard that if one is good, a second would be better just in case. I realized this last night as I was packing for my next race. Two sets of goggles? Check. Two wetsuits, just in case? Check. Two aero helmets? Which reminds me, I think Dan still has the third one. Or is it the fourth. I have to force myself to take my tri bike only, and satisfy myself that taking a spare set of wheels is enough. What's worse, is we usually don't know when to stop. Or maybe it's a good excuse to get more stuff, especially bikes. I mean, if two is backup, a third could certainly come in handy, just in case one of your buddies shows up. Right? After all, you wouldn't want him riding your B bike. What would happen if by some fluke both bikes were rendered inoperable? What would you ride while the bike was in the shop, especially if you had to order the parts? That's why I'm trying to stick to a policy of having two and preferrably three bikes for each occasion. My wife has given up trying to understand why.


Mr. Flynn said...

Well, if there is any urge to reduce the redundancy, I wouldn't mind borrowing or in the alternative, buying a spare aerohelmet from you.

I hear ya some some redundancy. I am bringing spare wheels, and goggles, spare clothes, but that is about all I have.

I am glad to hear that you finally have broken Cindy in or rather broken Cindy down to the point where she can only sigh, shrug her shoulders, shake her head, or just say "Fish..." letting it just hang out there to express her exaspiration. Maybe she does all of them. At least that is what Bridget does. Luckily that is about all the heat I have to fade unless I try to bankrupt us--there might be a bit of heat for that.

Aaron said...

Don't be surprised if your wife signs you up for a support group with a 10-step program sometime soon.

Mr. Flynn said...

I think he will need a fair bit more than 10 steps for it to take.

Fish said...

I've got my own ten step program. The first step is a Vicious Jeepster Tandem, the second step is a Felt Fixie, the third step is a Vanilla Randonneur, the fourth step . . . .. Devin's right. It's going to be more than a 10 step program.

Occasional Genius said...

I partook of your delicious brats and potato salad at Fatty's Tri on Saturday. Excellent work!!
Any chance your can share your potato salad recipe? I totally loved that stuff!