Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Put the knife down, and step away.

The fear described in the last post about Arizona shocked me back into obsessing about bikes again. Or maybe it was a call from JonBoy. Yeah, it was the call from JonBoy. He'd mitered up the main triangle and was asking me to make some final decisions. Decisions he wanted me to make because it is my bike. Which brings me to my point. I'd written several long-winded pieces about how I try to value my friends and other wandering thoughts. I chose to write this instead. I've got a stable of absolutely first rate bikes - custom titanium or carbon being the predominant theme. A stable I've spent years collecting. Jon is building a bike for me, by hand and without personal gain . He's spent hours on minor details that he could have easily left out. Without a doubt, this will be the bike I value most. It's tough to know how to thank Jon for something so overwhelming. "Thanks, Jon" just doesn't seem to even begin to express it. But I'll start with that, anyway. Thanks, Jon. It means a lot. PQRS (a nod to Jon), you can follow the progress at


Sabrosa Cycles said...

Somebody has got to repay you for all the good that you do. Really, I do this stuff for my own personal gratification.
Thanks for the props.

Mr. Flynn said...

looking at that frame being built pisses me off. You f'ing bastard. Those lugs kick ass. That frame kicks ass. F%*$ Vanilla...Sabrosa looks very nice.

I don't want to know what that would cost a guy like me off the street. Damn, I need a job.